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Blood Oath is a top ten guild spanning several games. Our main focus is on SWG-Emu Basilisk server.

We are not your average guild. We hold our members to the highest standards and believe strongly in team play. We support each other and help every member be the best they can be in whatever path they have chosen. Blood Oath is an easy guild to join but it's much harder to stay. We are a community principled on friendship, loyalty & altruism. We grow with the goal of achieving anything we set our minds to. End game content such as DWB, Kraytz, NS, Janta, and PvP are all available.

If this sounds like the kind of guild you're looking for, please apply by clicking the "join" option at the top of the page. Be sure to read through our code of ethics and conduct, as you will be bound by them on acceptance to the guild.
  • All questions, comments and concerns should be sent to Anomalouszz in game through email.
  • Currently we are undergoing a reorganization and have moved cities to "The Twilight Zone" located on Dantooine 6428,  -3274. To move in send an in game email to Anomalouszz and specify a time in which to meet (specify timezone). Vendors and Alts welcome. Housing will be provided to those that need it.

Blood Oath
Guild News

Guild Reorganization

Anomalouzs, Feb 18, 13 7:25 AM.
Blood Oath is currently reorganizing.
New City: The Twilight Zone
We're at 6428, -3274
on Dantooine.

Pardon our dust.

Death Watch Bunker Trip a Success!! (Minus the Bit at the End)...

Remmy Sheda, Jan 5, 13 8:09 PM.
So, here we were 11 members strong, headed out to Death Watch Bunker for a fun time. Everything easily bent to our will in no time at all and rewarded us with some very nice items for our guild weaponsmiths.

We were way down there and decided to head to the cave side to find the overlord. Rats, rats and more rats later we found him! Sadly, he was the one with the stun baton. We were the ones in kinetic armor.

Then we hit a snag....ah well, next time...

...and the very next trip....

...because no one gets the better of <BLOOD>

Well done guys! All the way to the bottom with time to spare.

The Only Good Dark Jedi Master....

Remmy Sheda, Dec 1, 12 12:32 PM.
 Dark Jedi Master at the Cloner
 Dead Dark Jedi Master at the Cloner
Well done

<Blood Oath>

Urban Sprawl

Remmy Sheda, Nov 26, 12 1:22 PM.
The Twilight Zone, the Town <Blood Oath> Built!
If you haven't visited The Twilight Zone, please feel free to come by this growing Janta Hub..

Come see us!
We're at 6428, -3274
on Dantooine.

<Blood Oath>
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